Paris History Map

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The Salle des Cariatides

The fascinating history behind one of the oldest remaining rooms of the former Louvre palace.

The Forgotten Paris River

Everyone knows about the Seine, but there is another famous Paris River hiding beneath the cobble stoned streets!

Paris Idiosyncrasies

A comprehensive guide of mostly accurate, overlooked, and irrelevant details for first time visitors to Franceland.

Wallace Drinking Fountains

Save the planet and your money! Where to find one of the 1,200 free water distribution sites in Paris and the history of how they began.

Royal Mistress Un-Finishing School

Discover an exceptional secret courtyard that was once the university stomping grounds of the King’s future Side Piece.

La Rue Neuve Notre Dame

This hidden detail of a former medieval street is missed by most of the tourists who visit the cathedral of Notre Dame

Fall 2021 Update

My summary of autumn in Paris of 2021

Passage du Clos Bruneau

Most people walk past this hidden 800 year old street in the Latin Quarter

The Last Wooden Staircase

The Aging Relic of an old 17th century staircase hidden behind a locked door I coerced someone to open for me

The Maison d’Ourscamp

Check out the historical preservation association at the Maison d’Ourscamp and the restoration efforts of their 13th century cave

Here Comes Joannie! Part Two

Discover the secret courtyard that marks the exact location where Joan of Arc was injured during the Siege of Paris

Here Comes Joannie! Part One

Learn about this badass farmgirl turned warrior feminist led by God in the first part of this series.

Here Fell… Jacques Guierre

Honor Jacques by visiting his memorial tomb and learning about who he was when he died for France from someone who knew him.

Uprooted Montmartre History

The tragic death of a historic tree beloved for years by Montmartre residents before its sudden removal

The Tomb of Sanson

Learn about the Sansons and their gruesome family business responsible for killing King Louis XVI and Queen Marie Antoinette

18th Century Murder Weapon Boutique

We all know Charlotte Corday gutted Marat in the tub with a dagger, but has anyone else wondered where she acquired it?

Top 5 Butts of the Musée Rodin

In Part 3 of my Paris mASSterpieces Series, I’m taking you to the Rodin Museum, a shrine for the Godfather of Sculpted Ass, Auguste Rodin.

Top 5 Butts of the Louvre

Yes, I have taken it upon myself to rank the mASSterpieces of the world’s most illustrious art museum

The Treasure of the Rue Mouffetard

The discovery of forgotten riches under one of the most popular pedestrian streets of Paris still remains unknown to locals today.

The Polidor Potty

The popular Latin Quarter restaurant whose plumbing is as historic as it’s reputation.

Cutting Corners

Even medieval drivers were known to take tight turns!

16th Century Digs

The homes of our Parisian Predecessors that still stand after hundreds of years

Dali Was Here

Sometimes the best art is right above your nose.

The Paris Morgue

The Most Popular Victorian Paris Tourist Destination

Recycled Tombstones

Even our ancestors knew the benefits of sustainability!

Boutiques of the Pont Neuf

Have you ever wondered what purpose the semi circular projections on the Pont Neuf served?

The Crown of Thorns

Kiss the crown that once allegedly sat on the noggin of JC himself!

Dead Woman Walking

Promenade in the same footsteps Queen Marie Antoinette took to the Guillotine.

A Millennial’s Guide to Cheap Paris

French students and children have great benefits, but what about the 30+ crowd? Find the best tips on how to keep Paris affordable as a young adult post-University here!

Expat Food Snobs

An insightful guide to Expat Food Snobbery