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Why You Need to Live in a Maid’s Quarters

You haven’t REALLY lived in Paris, until you’ve lived in a Chambre de Bonne.

👍True or 👎False

These tiny rooms perched under the roofs of most Parisian buildings were originally the homes of domestic servants working with the families below. Today they serve mostly as student lodging but you’ll find all kinds of people living in these super tiny spaces, even entire families. My first and only chambre de bonne was right beneath Sacre Coeur and I have fond memories of it. Sure the shared toilet/shower were in the hallway and my bed was also my couch- but I had some EPIC parties in that cozy space and it was easy to keep clean. Now I’m living the dream in a two bedroom in the 5th, but I often reminisce of my little room under the stars. Have you ever lived in a chambre de bonne?

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