Paris Tours and Services

What You can Expect When You Book a Paris Tour With Me

Whether you are traveling with children or solo, the experience can be adjusted to fit your needs.

Combining history with humor is what sets me apart. My goal is to not only to teach you about Paris, but make history fun and relatable.

You’ll be given a unique perspective of Paris through the eyes of someone who actually lives in the area you will be touring.

A shout out to Morgan our walking tour guide through the Latin Quarter!!! She went above and beyond! What an amazing afternoon plus she threw in some Emily in Paris sights for all you fans!!!! I now have a friend in Paris! She’s wonderful!!!!

Lori DeFalco, May 2022

1.5 Hour Latin Quarter Tour

Situated in the centrally located historic 5th arrondisement, this is the only area of Paris where you can visually see how the city has evolved through the years. From the Gallo-Roman village of Lutecia to the middle ages with the creation of the Latin Quarter, and all the way up to the 19th century transformation that made Paris what it is today, you’ll be able to view the easily missed traces of her 2,000 year evolution. From 25€ per person (minimum of two people), children -12 are 10, -3 free.

1.5 Hour Architectural Evolution Tour

The harmonious 19th century Haussmannian aesthetic Paris is known for may be the most defining feature, but its certainly not the most enduring! From the radically emergence of Gothic Architecture in the 12th century to the tedious timber framed buildings of the Middle Ages and up to the elegant 1920’s Art Deco – follow me through 800 years of Paris architecture in 90 minutes! From 25€ per person, children under 12 free.

1 Hour Family Friendly Tour

As a mother, I know how daunting it is to provide a memorable experience as you visit a new city that is both enjoyable and educational for the whole family. Whether you have unpredictable needs of small children or easily bored school aged ones- I can transport your family back in time to the Middle Ages so they can learn how life would have been had they been born a few centuries earlier! This tour requires minimal walking and the end reward of an opportunity to mingle with other small Parisians on an iconic playground where we will finish with a treat! 60€ per family, includes traditional French goûter (afternoon snack!)

Contact me to set up your tour or for any questions!

2 thoughts on “Paris Tours and Services”

  1. The Latin Quarter tour with Morgan was perfect. She shared the history of old Paris through architecture and city planning. We were two adults and two children, aged twelve, and the tour was a highlight of our trip for each of us. Well worth the booking.


    1. Thanks for being great guests on the tour Kathy, I hope you and your family enjoyed Paris. Next time I can show you Round Deux!


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