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Winter and Spring 2022 Update

When I came to write this I realised that I had not written a Winter update, that’s how fast time seems to be flying! So I’ll combine the two here since there isn’t much to update on anyways.

Photos I took over two years at my co-vid safe haven- The Saint Genevieve Library

First of all, let’s address the one constant in all our lives since 2019. CO-VID! My little family and I have so far been unscathed, between the three of us no one has ever had a positive test result. I’m sure we’ve all had it at some point, but we’ve never had to quarantine or anything like that. After February 2nd it was no longer required to wear masks outside, and May 11th was the day they were no longer needed in transport. It’s so strange to think that after three years of having random masks stuffed in bags and pockets I no longer need them.

On Valentines Day I hosted my first History Pub quiz at one of my favorite Paris pubs, The Pomme d’Eve, which also happens to be a gothic cellar once part of a monastery. Obviously the theme was Medieval Love and Romance and things got a little raunchy (as they often do with me) but it was a blast. There was a nice turn out and I hope to be able to do it again in the fall!

Of course I did a little time traveling partying between the early 20th century at one of the Baron de Paname’s famous parties at the Coupole and the 15th century at Les Caves Saint Sabin. These parties happen once a month and are my favorite regular event to participate in. Both are very different, but I find the medieval parties to be more festive, especially when the dancemaster gets everyone moving!

In April my daughter and I met some of my family in Florida to do the whole Disneyland Shabang. Everyone knew we were coming except my mom, so surprising her in the airport upon their arrival was the best part. I’m not a huge Disney fan and the last time I was there was maybe in 2001, but I really wanted my daughter to have the experience and six years old is the perfect age for it. We made a ton of memories, met so many characters, did a bunch of rides, and of course spent way too much money. Mickey sure knows how to empty your pockets!

And the cerise sur la gateau was running into two celebrities in one weekend. Bruno Gouery (Luke from Emily in Paris) was just strolling along Boulevard Saint Germain with an ice cream and I spotted him from a mile away. I discreetly asked for a quick photo and he nicely obliged. He even complimented my Milwaukee Brewers hat. Who knew he liked baseball?! And of course, my History Hero- Lorant Deutch. I’m not sure there is anyone I wanted to meet more. This is the guy responsible for my life of history and who I aspire to be like. Before anyone starts moaning about how he is often wrong or embellishes too much- get over it! That’s precisely WHY I admire Lorant. He is making history accessible to everyone by making it fun and relatable. I don’t want to listen to some robot preach about dates and events in front of his diplomas, I want to learn about history from someone who is as passionate about it as I am! Despite wearing a hat and glasses, when I crossed his path on Rue Saint André des Arts I immediately knew it was him. He was giving a tour to some children so I didn’t disrupt him too much, but I was able to tell him how much of a fan I was. I know I’ll see him again someday, hopefully with Stéphane Bern!

What’s Up Next? .. A new job, my first wedding at a French chateau, and a trip back to Wisconsin for summer vacation!

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