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18th Century Murder Weapon Boutique

177 Galerie de Valois Palais Royal Paris 75001

Here’s a little detail about The Martyr Murderess Charlotte Corday (you can catch up on her by reading the link below) most normal people probably wouldn’t be interested in. But I am admittedly morbid, (and you are too if you follow this page right?) so when I read that the dagger she used to murder Marat was purchased in one of the little shops surrounding the Palais Royal- of course I had to know which one!

177 Galerie de Valois today, empty

In the galleries surrounding the gardens of the Palais Royal (then known as the Palais de l’Egalité because of strong anti-royal sentiments and such) you can still see this shop where Charlotte bought her murder weapon. It was known in 1793 as a knife shop, Le Coutelier Badin.

Approximate location of the shop where Charlotte purchased the dagger she would use to kill Marat. Turgot map, 1739

According to her testimony, Charlotte purchased the 15cm blade for 40 sous around 8am on July 13, 1793. She then took a carriage to Marat’s home across the river. It took her multiple tries to enter his home that day (both the guardienne of the building and Marat’s companion told her off) but on her 3rd attempt in the evening, she yelled loudly enough for Marat to hear her from his bathroom, insisting she had information for him.

Assassination of Marat, Paul Baudry 1860

And like an 18th century bath ridden Mr. Rodgers, he told her to come on in! The rest is history,.. check out the post below.

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